Monday, December 10, 2007

Taken for Granted

I thought I was being good about getting foods that didn't need water or heat to eat them. I got bottles and jugs of water. I thought I was prepared for a power outage! The power went off last night for about 5 seconds and then came back on! That was around 9:45pm. Then I woke up at 5am to absolutely NO power. As I lay there in bed trying to figure out how we would survive the day I started to panic. I had water...but because I didn't have enough arms at the time...the water had gotten left in the trunk of the car. No big deal right??? No!!! HUGE deal. The ice storm had put about 3 inches of ice on our car and we could not enter the trunk. I thought about using warm water to melt the ice. But we had no water and no way to heat it. Then I worried about if we drove to my in-laws if we could get there safely with the ice on the roads. There aren't huge hills here, but there are little rolling hills that can get you into trouble on the ice. I laid in bed for an hour not being able to sleep trying to think of ways to keep my family warm. After praying about a million times....I heard the train come by and make tons of noise and then like magic...the power came back on. I was then able to fall back asleep! It's amazing the things we can take for granted. Tyler laughed at me because one of my 1st thoughts was, "if i have no water...then I can't brush my teeth!!" haha. But luckily we have power...for the moment at least! Hope you all are staying safe and warm today!!

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Rashel Cherry said...

I would so be freaking out too. i hate when the power goes out.