Saturday, December 22, 2007


Other than having a pretty good week....we had a pretty stressful week too! Traveling with a 2 year old is not too much fun! It is actually quite hard and sometimes you wonder why you even decided to leave your house and take a vacation. :) Makenna has been pretty tough to handle with being out all day and not being on her normal, boring stay-at-home life. But I do have to say that she did extremely well when we traveled to SLC today and did some shopping and things. She has been around a lot of new people!! Tyler's cousin Jemece has a new little baby. He is a few months old. Makenna loves looking at him. She just thinks babies are the coolest thing. And today she was around a lot of kids that were a little bit younger than her and it was funny to see how motherly she is! She kept telling the little boys to "not touch" and "no no" I also found out that she is a little tattle-tail! haha. Oh well...whatcha gonna do??

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Laura and Joshua Dalton said...

You're in Utah? ok, if we're ever in Oklahoma we won't come visit. jk. hope you're having fun