Monday, December 10, 2007


There was about 1 inch of ice covering both our cars. We only have a 1 car garage and we have other items that need to go in there!
This was a bush outside our house!
Icicles on our house!
This is our other neighbors tree! It is starting to sag on top of the garage!
This is our neighbors tree. It broke directly in half. Some stayed standing and the other half fell straight to the ground. It made a big bang. The ice gets so heavy that trees fall and snap in half. As of about 1 hr ago....513,000 people were without power in Oklahoma. Can you believe that. That is the most OK has ever had in the history of the state!


Rashel Cherry said...

That ice is insane!

brittnie said...

That's scary! Glad to hear you guys are doing ok. The icicles on your house sure are pretty though!