Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How Embarrassing!!!

It is SOO embarrassing to be an OU fan right now. We stand behind them all season and get all excited for them to win a bowl game! Without fail... they stink it up!! From their first possession you could tell they didn't show up to play. What is it with Bob Stoops?? Under Bob Stoops OU has gone to 6 bowl games but have lost the last 3! Now it is 7 and 4!! How embarrassing. Why can't we win a stinking bowl game!?? The penalties were ridiculous tonight! Stop holding!!!! Where was defense tonight?? We go for the 2 point conversions and don't make either of them!!! We do an on-side kick and then don't recover it!!! HELLO!!!????  Oh my goodness! I am so embarrassed to be an OU fan!!

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