Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Wonderful Life of Potty-Training and Two Year Olds!

Posing on the potty! haha. 

I got new princess underwear!!! Haha

What is this new thing with closing her eyes when she smiles?? Notice a trend in these photos?

So...Monday Makenna pretty much started potty training herself. Tyler and I bought her some underwear and a potty seat on Saturday with the hopes of maybe starting sometime in the next month or 2. We just wanted her to get the idea of going potty in her head. Well Monday afternoon we got home and I asked her if she wanted to go potty before her nap. She went into the potty and went! I was so surprised! Then the whole day she kept her diaper dry and wanted to go potty. She has done really well the past few days. But then today...she finally pooped in the potty. It was was hard for her but she finally did it! She totally freaked out! It was kind of weird! For those of you without kids in the potty training age....pooping in the potty is way different than going pee! I am so proud of her. We talked about going potty a lot, but I didn't think she was going to start soon or anything. Ty and I are so proud of her!


Steve and Jen said...
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Steve and Jen said...

I am so jelous. We are no where near that with Carter. Boys are a lot harder to train though I guess. We have done both. Good job Makenna!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Too funny! I hope when it's my turn to potty train that it goes as smoothly as Makenna's experience!

Joneel said...

Ha ha ha. Tyler's daughter Grace does the same thing, when you take a picture of her. Must be the age. Also, that sweater looks like
one I got for Stella. CUTE