Monday, February 04, 2008

Rhinos, Chimps and Cougars...Oh My!!!

A bear
Okay...this was hilarious and gross. We were watching the chimps and one of them went over to the wall. It was facing the wall with his back to us. He has his hand near his rear-end. We were trying to figure out what he was doing...He then proceeded to poop directly into his hand. Still wondering why he was doing this we watched what he did next. He turned around...sat down and started to eat his own poop which he had just pooped into his hand. It was so gross that we had to take a picture of the poop eating chimp :)

The "I know" Rhino. Makenna wouldn't say Rhino...she said I know!
Little Ry Ry
Makenna and Gwen. They were both tired!
An Eagle
Looking at the cougar!
Look at Makenna. She was so freaked out she was trying to hide from the "big cat" as she called it.
There is the cougar "big cat" that scared Makenna!
Gwen and Kenna looking at the Rhino!

So today was a beautiful day here in Oklahoma. It was about 75 degrees! It was really nice. Maybe even a little hott! So my friend Krystal called and asked if Kenna and I wanted to go to the zoo. The Oklahoma City Zoo is only about 20 minutes from our house and for the month of is free to go on Mondays. So we took the kids and went down there to see the animals. The girls seemed to have a good time looking at all the animals. Little Ry Ry just hung out and went along for the ride. It was a good time! Tomorrow we are back to cold weather!

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Andy and Melissa said...

Going to the zoo is something I really look forward to doing with Stella once she is old enough. Animals are so cool - so it is fun for the whole family.