Friday, February 15, 2008

Pump-It Up!

Makenna kept falling down when she was running around the bouncer!
Kenna's friend Gwen chilling and eating her fruit snacks!
Makenna crawling through the tunnel!
Krystal and baby Ry Ry!
Angie and Maylee!

Makenna getting ready to go down the slide!
Makenna jumpin! haha...I love the tongue action.
Makenna hanging out in the bouncer!

Today Kenna and I went to Pump-It Up! Pump-It Up is a playground of inflatable toys. They had bouncers and slides. We went with my friend Krystal and her 2 kids, Ry Ry and Gwen and my friend Angie and her daughter Maylee. The girls seemed to have a fun time. It was hard for them to climb to the top of the slide so I go to go down the slide to. It was pretty fun. Then afterwards Angie and I took the girls to McDonalds for happy meals. All in was a good day!

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