Friday, February 29, 2008

The Zoo Again!

This is an awesome picture of an owl! It was dark in the this barn and I got this picture of the owl!
I thought that this was cute. The little turtle fell asleep on the snake! Makenna loved looking at the snakes!
This was a huge fish!
Makenna looking at the bald eagle!
Haley and Maylee looking at the black bear. Makenna was too afraid to go close!

This is Makenna's favorite animal and she even knows how to say it...rhinoceros!
Maylee, Makenna and Haley looking at the gorillas eating!
I like the gorillas!
Makenna, Maylee and Haley looking at the bald eagle!
Makenna was making her fish face. She loves the fish!
Looking at the wolves! Makenna was scared to be so close!
I liked this bird!
Kenna looking at all the birds!
This bird was really weird. It was standing on one leg. I tossed some rocks near it to see if it would move but it wouldn't. I guess its other leg was stuck underneath but it would only stand on one. haha.
The raccoons
The elephants!
Ahhh...This was so sweet! The little fox was sleeping on the rock. When we saw the fox Makenna said, "Swiper no swiping!" haha...for those of you who don't know....that is from Dora the Explorer!
Maylee, Haley and Kenna
The Cougar, "Big Cat" , Makenna was afraid of him too!
The turkey. Man this is one ugly bird. The feathers are cool but the head is gross! God had a sense of humor when he made this bird!

My friend Stephanie invited Kenna and I to the zoo yesterday! Stephanie, her daughters Lauren and Haley, my friend Angie and her daughter Maylee and Kenna and I went to the zoo! It was a pretty nice day and no one was there!


Lucius, Stephanie, Haley & Lauren said...

I like the pics! : ) It was funny because I thought you were saying the girls were the gorillas! haha!

Andy and Melissa said...

I love her little outfit. Perfect for the zoo I would have to say. I can't wait to take Stella to the zoo. I want to wait until Andy can come with us too - because I don't have too many friends here who I would feel comfortable with for a whole day at the zoo with just Stella, but once school is out - I am there!