Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yesterday Was A Success!

Haha...We have been working on names with Makenna. We want to teach her all the names of her Aunts and Uncles. She has had most of them down except Michael, Dallin and her own name. She calls Danielle, "Dah" and Kimber, "Ber" and knows the others pretty well.  Yesterday she finally said, Michael, Dallin and her own name. I was so excited. We also went to Target and she bought some panties and we got a potty seat. We are totally starting potty training yet but we want to start getting the idea in her head! She was so happy to wear her underwear that we let her for a bit yesterday. We kept asking her if she needed to go and finally she came in and went a little in the big girl potty. But then she went back to watching t.v. All of the sudden she ran screaming to the bathroom " I poo poo mommy!" So I put her on the potty only to find out she went pee in her underwear and all over the floor. At least she realized she went!

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