Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Job!!

Tyler finally received his grades for his first semester of law school! He did a good job. He wishes he would have done a little better, but he passed! A's are few and far between in law school. Most students get C's because they do the curve where a few have A's and B's with most having C's and a few having D's and F's. Makenna and I are very proud of him. We know that he did the best he could with not knowing what to expect. He really did get good grades and we are excited to see how he does this second semester. Now that he knows what to expect...I am sure he will be one of those really awesome students who gets an A!!! Congrats Ty!!

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Andy and Melissa said...

I know - I think grades are really shocking for law students because they are all smart - so on a curve, the smart ones still don't get straight a's. Congrats Tyler and good luck next semester!