Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

They had this machine that you could sit in and it would take your picture. Then it would sketch out the picture. It only cost 1 token so we said, hec...why not! So we got 2 of them!

Makenna had a blast riding in the car with Chuck E. She was amazed because while she was riding in the car with him the real one came out and was walking around! She thought it was pretty neat. When you road with Chuck E. it would print out a picture of you. She got 4 pictures! :)
I think somebody had too much fun at Chuck E. Cheese!
Makenna loved any toy that she could drive. It was so funny. Any game that had a steering wheel she would just flock to!

Riding with Barney. Makenna road with Barney like 10 times. She loved it because he was sitting in a train and she loves "choo choos!"
Driving with Daddy
Mom...Look...I got tickets!
Hello Chuck E. This is Makenna!!
Riding the Monster Truck!

To celebrate Makenna's 2nd birthday...Tyler and I took her down to Chuck E. Cheese. I wasn't too sure how she would like it. Well...She loved it!! The moment we walked in the door and she saw the games she was so happy. We had a coupon to get a lot of tokens for cheap. So we had tons... probably too many! But between Tyler, Kenna and I we got about 700 tickets and Makenna got to come home with 2 troll dolls, a huge plastic ring and some stickers! She was so happy to see Chuck E. Cheese himself...she started screaming..."Hi Chuck E.!!!" and waving at him. He came over to give her a hug and she ran back to me and wouldn't go near him. She loved him from afar, but the moment he came anywhere near her she freaked. It was kind of funny. It was nice to have some good fun family time!

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Andy and Melissa said...

I flock to any game that has a steering wheel too! I have fond memories of chuck e cheese - I'm a little jealous