Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Makenna's school has a program called SPOT. Spot means:
S - show respect
P - participate appropriately
O - own your behavior
T - treat others fairly

Children can be 'spotted' at school. That means a teacher at school notices a child is behaving, listening and/or treating others kindly. They are trying to reward positive behavior so hopefully it will detour having to bad behavior. Kids are not allowed to be spotted by their own teacher. Spots must come from other faculty on campus. When they get a spot, a copy goes home with the student, a copy goes into a drawing for prizes and one stays in their classroom and they are saved up to be spent in their Spot shop on Fridays. This is only the start of the 2nd week of school and Makenna has been spotted twice. I am so proud of her. Since she had 2 spots...she couldn't wait to spend them. She bought a glitter pencil. She was so excited to show me glitter pencil when she got home. Way to go Kenna!

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