Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Is Safe To Say....

That Bryn no longer needs Dee-Dee! Bryn has been obsessed for a long time with her binky, which she calls dee-dee. We tried for awhile to only give it to her at nap time and bed time, but she seemed to find it and have it always. We have been working really hard with her on learning to talk and her having the dee-dee all the time wasn't helping. I couldn't leave the house without minnie or a dee-dee or I would be in HUGE trouble. I let her keep it longer than Kenna because she has been through so much. The dee-dee was a great source of comfort to her through all her dr. appointments, therapies and surgeries. A couple of weeks ago I started talking to Bryn about school. I told her that Big girls don't need dee-dees. I was not sure on her schools rule about binkys so I didn't want there to be a problem if they wouldn't let her have one. Well last Tuesday I was at my friends house before the girls had gymnastics. The girls got dressed at her house and we were in a hurry to get out the door. My friend stuck their clothes in a bag along with dee-dee. We got home later that evening and I put the girls to bed and totally forgot to bring in the bag with dee-dee. I told Bryn dee-dee was night night and that if I found her I would bring her to her. (I was just being lazy and didn't want to go to the car to get it.) She talked for a little bit and then was asleep. I was super shocked. So Wednesday I put her to bed without it. There was a little more crying involved this time, but not for long. Thursday, on her first day of school, I sent it in her backpack, but told the teacher to only give it to her if she was uncontrollably upset. I said they could give her a dee-dee for nap time if she wouldn't go to sleep. To my surprise when I picked her up they said she took an awesome nap and never even asked for dee-dee. It has now officially been a week that we have been binky free and I love it. Now if I only had a million Minnies so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving the house without one.

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