Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Kenna and I at the Hollywood sign
Makenn and Christy at the Hollywood
The Hollywood
Kenna posed herself with Beyonce
The girls with Ironman
Christy and I with Michael Jackson
The girls with the young Michael Jackson
The girls with the chipmunks
Me and Whoopi
Me with Julia Roberts
Gotta love Madonna
Me, Zac Efron and Christy
The girls and I with Brad and Angelina
Selena and Makenna
Kenna and I with Britney
Me and Lady Gaga
Christy, Grandma, Kenna and Bryn with Shrek
Me with Sandra Bullocks star

I grew up in California and only went to Hollywood less than a handful of times. My sister hadn't ever been so we decided to take the trip down to Hollywood. We went and saw the stars, the Hollywood sign, the wax museum and drove by the LA temple. The girls did very well on the long day and we had a lot of fun together.

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