Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beach House

Christy swimming with the girls
The 'Thomas' girls
My sister and I
She loves to pose
Bryn actually touched the sand this year
bahaha...I swear all these 2 do is sleep. :)
Makenna, Bryn and Uncle TyTy
Funny girls

Bryn loved wearing everyones sunglasses
The girls with Uncle Mike
the girls and I

Kenna and Uncle Mike
Bryn and Uncle Mike. Bryn was so tired

Uncle Michael was so good with Kenna. She wanted to go out and go under the waves. The riptide was really strong and Mike would go out and hold Kenna's hand while she went under the water so she wouldn't get pulled away. She had a lot of fun.
Bryn trying to lay out like mama
Makenna buried her feet. She also loves to get sandy
Crazy Bryn
Silly girls

Kristen and Bryn
Bryn and TyTy
Bryn and Brandon
Uncle Mike and Bryn
The family at dinner

My parents rented a beach house for all of us to go to for a week. We haven't done this before and it was REALLY fun. The house we stayed in was super nice. It was within walking distance from the beach. The neighborhood had a pool so when we were done at the beach we could go over and swim. We got there Monday and went out to dinner. Tuesday and Wednesday we spent the day at the beach and went swimming. Thursday we went down to the Pier and walked around. A few of us got temporary tattoos. We went to the Sugarshack for breakfast. I got my first pair of Toms. Thursday night we played Phase 10. It was awesome. It was a really fun time with my family.

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