Tuesday, August 09, 2011

July 4th

Cousins on the 4th of July

The girls in their 4th of July swimsuits!
Addie, Bryn and Papa in the parade
Kenna and Ty in the parade
Bryn loved her sparklers!
Kenna was afraid of the sparkler. She looks like the statue of liberty!
Bryn loved the sparklers
Isn't Kenna just gorgeous!?!
Bryn and Kimber feeding the fish

All the girls feeding the fish - i'm taking the picture
Kenna and Bryn
Bryn and Kimber
Kenna, Kimber and Bryn
Kelvon, Nicole, Bryn and Kenna
Papa and Bryn
Kimber and Bryn
Kenna and her silly faces
Bryn and Nicole

For July 4th we went up to Tyler's family lake house. We went with Tyler's parents, his sisters: Danielle and Kimber, his brother: Dallin, his niece Addison and his Uncle Richard, Aunt Linda and cousins Nicole and Richard. It was a lot of fun. We went on the water and Tyler wake boarded. Tyler and Dallin did a firework show for us. They lit some bushes on fire and had some crazy fireworks. It was fun! The girls had a blast hanging out with the 'big' girls.

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