Saturday, September 10, 2011


 This deer was eating all the birdseed out of the feeder
 My mom and my cousin's son Cache
 Landry, Kenna and Kale (2nd cousins)
 Grandpa Glen and Kenna

 Grandpa playing with Bryn
 Grandma Dorothy with Bryn
 Bryn and my cousin Sarah
 Grandma Dorothy and Bryn
 Grandma Dorothy and Makenna
 Collin, Kenna, Landry and Bryn
My grandparents and I
Grandpa Glen and Bryn

This is out of order on blogging, but I forgot to blog it in my summer trip. I had the opportunity to drive to Utah with my mom for a week during my summer vacation to California. It was great to see my uncles, aunt, grandparents, cousins and brothers. We had a family BBQ the Thursday before I left since my cousin Shae was also in town. Kenna loves being able to see my cousin Collin. They are good friends when they get to see each other. She loves when my cousin Jessica paints her nails. I also got to enjoy Italian place! YUMMY!

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