Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bryn's Eye

Brynlee has been seeing the eye dr. every 4-6 weeks since January 17, 2011. She had another check-up on Monday, Sept. 12, and the dr. said it was time to schedule surgery. He told me we could do it whenever I wanted to. I told him I didn't want her to have to have surgery :). The doc knows me well enough by now that I can joke with him. He said it was inevitable and that we should just get it done. I asked when and he said, "In a week or two..." A few minutes later the coordinator for surgery came in and we were setting up a day. Bryn will have her eye surgery September 29. I am a littler nervous because it is a surgery. I'm nervous because it's on her eyes and that she has to go under. I do feel confident in the doctor that she has and the fact that this is a routine surgery. I had this same surgery when I was in second grade. I am pretty sure she will get to quit patching after surgery is over. That would be great since the past 2 weeks have been horrible. Today we went through 4 patches before I just gave up. She kept taking them off. She is a little stinker lately. She did so well from Jan until 2 weeks ago. I don't know what changed, but I can't get that girl to keep a patch on!

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