Friday, October 23, 2009

The Zoo

There is a cat behind kenna
Abagail, Kenna and Hanna
Abagail and Kenna feeding ducks
The kids on a tiger
Hanna and Kenna with the Gorilla
Blake, Kenna and Levi being eaten
Eating lunch
Looking at the tarantula. She was fascinated by it
The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Mrs. Karen was so thrilled to hold the snake. I think she was more excited than the kids!
Kenna looking at the snake
Smiley Kenna
That is one huge frog!

Kenna's school went to the zoo for a field trip last week. It was pretty we had to bundle up. The kids got to go into a warm room and learn about some animals. They were able to see a frog, snake, cockroach and tarantula. The kids thought it was pretty cool. Then they ate lunch and had free time to walk around the zoo. We went and saw the gorillas, tigers and rhinos and fed the ducks. The kids had a good time.

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