Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pre-Surgery Pictures

Waiting to go back into surgery. Watching Mickey Mouse on t.v.
Mommy...I'm tired and hungry!
Grandma Catherine and Bryn
Chubby Bunny!
How do I get this thing off?

Mommy and Bryn
Oh Hoo...cute bum!!
Isn't she cute?! Ready to go into surgery and has no idea. What a sweet little girl!
Grandma and Bryn
Mommy, Daddy and Bryn at 5:30am checking-in
Daddy and Bryn

We had to check into the hospital at 5:30am this morning. Man was it early. Bryn was trying to figure out why she was awake and where we were at. We got all signed in and taken up to the waiting room. We then went back with her and got her vitals and weight. We got to put her in a little hospital gown. She didn't like having her oxygen taken. She cried when the nurse tried to get it. She was talking like crazy and was pretty happy considering she was starving and tired. She did really well. We then met with the surgeon and the anesthiesologist(sp) and then walked Bryn to the back. It was really hard handing her over to the nurse. But she didn't cry so that made it better for us. The nurse called up front at 7:26 am and told us that she had gone to sleep just fine, her IV went great and they had just started surgery. My mom, Tyler and I are playing on the internet and watching movies on the Ipod. We are doing well. We are trying not to think of what they are doing to Bryn back there!

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Brittnie said...

She looks so cute in the little hospital gown! Hope you're all doing well, we will keep you in our prayers!