Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 Days After

Bryn had surgery. What? She had surgery??? haha. You would never ever be able to tell she had surgery except for the big bandages on her right arm. She is so happy. She crawled around today and had fun walking around the table. We even took her out for an adventure to Wal-Mart for a little bit. This little woman is amazing! Sometimes I forget that she just had a major surgery. Then I see her hand wrapped and am reminded of how insanely awesome our little girl is. Makenna has been a great big sister and tells everyone to be careful with Bryn because she has a cast. Before Bryn's surgery Makenna said,

M: I don't want Bryn to get thumbs.
Me: Well that's not very nice Kenna. Why don't you want her to have thumbs?
M: I love Bryn without thumbs.
Me: (thinking how awesome little kids are and how unpredjucide they are) Well Makenna...You will love her just as much with thumbs.
M: I know Mommy. But I love her without thumbs too!

I have 2 great girls.

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Anonymous said...

You really do have two very sweet girls. What a sweetheart Makenna is.