Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last Saturday was my 25th Birthday! I know...I have been married for 6 years, have a 3.5 year old daughter and an 11 month old daughter and I am finally turning 25!! Friday afternoon Tyler came home and said, "Get out of here." He said he would watch the kids and I could go out and shop with my birthday money. I actually had time to try clothes on and look around. It was really nice. Friday night we had a dinner over at Tyler's parents house. Roast, gravy, mashed potatoes, roles, strawberry and banana jello and cake. Yummy. Thanks Jan. Tyler bought me a cake from Raspberries N' Creme! It was so good! Then Saturday we pretty much did nothing. That is okay though. We went to our ward Halloween party and then came home to watch BYU fail in their attempt to beat TCU. That was a major bummer. Oh well. So it was a pretty quiet birthday, but a good one. The best birthday present though was that Bryn came out of surgery doing extremely well. Seeing her thumb wiggle was the next best present. I also loved hearing Makenna sing Happy Birthday to me. She is so funny.



Happy birthday! it's always fun having some alone time, but then it's even better coming home to happy babies wanting thier mama !

Corbin and Amy said...

What a fun birthday. I love Rasberries n Creme's cakes! They are soooo good. I'm so glad Bryn is healing and doing so well. You couldn't ask for a better gift:)

Karen said...

25! You are still a babe! I feel old!