Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Can't Sleep

With Tyler being out of town...I can't sleep. I am sitting up watching late night t.v. playing on the internet. I am thinking of how there is less than 6 days until Bryn's surgery. I am thinking about how cute and fun she is and how awesome it will be for her to have a thumb. I am thinking about how scared I am that something will go wrong. I am thinking of how I feel fine, but I know it will all hit me when I take my little 10 month old baby girl into the hospital. I am thinking about how 10 months ago she was in the hospital with tubes up her nose and down her throat and how scared I was then. The dr. seems super confident and kind of makes it seem like this surgery is no big deal. He has done a ton of these surgeries so that is good. I know he will do an amazing job. But it is still scary. I don't want my baby to hurt.

I stole this part from a friend's website. Her son had this surgery last year. She has been a help to me. Thank you to Dawna, Catherine and Elizabeth for all your support, help and advice!

Thumb Pollicization

So what is thumb pollicization? Well in my definition it is an incredible surgery that will allow my child to perform anything that requires a thumb/finger pinch grasp. So what will this allow Bryn to do? Cutting, writing, zipping, grasping tweezers, holding her bottle better, holding a spoon better, grasping a parallel bar, holding a car steering wheel to list a few. Somethings she will be able to do better and some she will do for the first time. The medical field would define it as the surgical creation of a thumb from a finger, usually the index finger. There are several techniques, but they have in common steps to shorten, rotate, and reposition muscles to achieve a functional and aesthetic result.


Schrupp Family said...

Jen, we're here for you. Bryn's surgery sounds amazing and Im sure it will improve her quality of life. I understand your restlessness. I feel the same way right now.

The Orgill Family said...

jen....i love you! i know exactly how you are feeling right now. hospitals are scary and especially when we are trusting our babies to other people. i am so totally here for you...just let me know what i can do!