Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bryn's 2 week Post Op Appt!

I'm a big girl now!
Bryn with her cute sock! haha. We put a sock on her hand to protect the guaze. The minute the dr. put it on she started eating it! haha
Daddy and Bryn in the waiting room before getting her cast off
At home before leaving to the dr.
Look...I have a thumb!
Mom let go of my hand.
Look...I have a thumb!
My "new" cast for the week!

Last Tuesday we went and saw Dr. Rayan. He checked the tip of her thumb and said it looked great and told us to come back in a week to take the cast off. So today we went in. I was totally prepared to take pictures. I was mentally prepared to see swelling and stitches and a new thumb. But when the cast came off I was not prepared to see the amount of swelling she had and the big "blob" she has between her fingers. I had the camera ready to take a picture and I just couldn't do it. Tyler was holding her and she was screaming. She wasn't in pain...just ticked that dr.'s were touching her again. The dr. then wrapped her hand up in guaze and told us to come back in a week. He said her finger looked perfect...just the way it is supposed too. I said, "I guess that is the difference between the parents and the professional. Because I think it looks bad." Dr. Rayan was really positive. He said that the "blob" would fall off on its own, like an umbilical cord, in about a week to 10 days. The thumb itself looks good. It's the incision that scared me. It is so hard to see your child go through something like this. I wish I could do it for her. It looked super painful. Oh man. My heart just hurts for her. But she is an amazing little girl and such a brave little girl! Maybe next week it will look a little bit better and I will be able to take a picture of the whole hand. Tyler did have to remind me that most of the post op pictures we have seen have been at least 6-10 weeks post surgery and that this is only 2 weeks after.

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