Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Fires

Pretty scary stuff. I didn't even know there were fires in CA until this morning when on the Oklahoma news it talked about fires in the L.A. area. Then while watching my brothers football game (ps...BYU WON) my parents said they were watching fires on the news. A fire started in Corona and moved quickly into Yorba Linda. My aunts live out there and were evacuated from their home. They had to sit and wait wondering if their home would be safe. Their neighbors house was burned to the ground. My uncle stayed behind and was trying to keep the flames from reaching their house. I guess firefighters pumped water out of my aunts pool to help save the house. How sad it is to see how many homes have been burned to the ground and how sporadic the flames were with jumping from one house to another. Kind of like tornados...they completely destroy one house and the next house over is untouched. I am happy to know that my aunts' house is okay with the exception of some smoke and water damage. Hopefully things will remain okay over night. God bless the firefighters who are working extremely hard to put out these fires. Many freeways are shut down in CA due to the fires and smoke. The news reported people abandoning their cars on the freeways and I even heard people were driving on sidewalks to pass traffic. Pretty crazy...sounds like a movie!


Joneel said...

Hey girlie, Carbon Canyon has been evacuated now. I'm staying up to watch the news for a bit.

The Cherry Family said...

Carbon Canyon? No way!

brittnie said...

At 4 am this morning, my parents were told to pack up to get ready for an evacuation, but they ended up not needing to. It got really close though, pretty scary. How are your parents?