Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So Makenna now has an ear infection. I took her to the dr. a few days ago. She is now on antibiotics. I have a sinus I am on antibiotics. This not getting sick thing....well it isn't working! Hopefully Bryn will not get sick. The dr. said that he thinks Bryn will get sick right before surgery...because that is just the way it works. I am praying that for once...he is wrong. We are down to less than 2 weeks before surgery. I am so nervous/scared/excited for this surgery. My grandma just had knee surgery and all went me that is a good sign and hopefully things will go that well for Bryn. Tyler is still healing from his dirt bike incident. Ty is getting ready to go to New York to represent his school at a business function. Bryn has her pre-op appt next week. I am ready for my mom to come. It is so nice when she is here!


Corbin and Amy said...

You guys need to get better really soon!! I have been thinking of you and Bryn's surgery that is coming up. I'm glad your mom is coming. That will be a huge support for you!

Thanks for not knowing anything about my worm problem:) I told Corbin the same thing about Landen eating them. He said..."It's protein." I was so upset!

Joni said...

Keep us updated on your blog with Bryn's surgery. We will keep her in our prayers.