Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Past Week

Seems like we have been so busy lately. About a week ago I took Bryn to the dr. She had a double ear infection. No fun! Then Kenna had her 1st soccer game last Saturday and her 2nd one yesterday. She did okay in her second one. Was a little tired because Friday night we stayed up late. We had gone to the state fair and saw the Monster Truck Rally with our friends. Makenna had school and gymnastics on Tuesday. We went to playgroup on Wednesday. Bryn had therapy. Yesterday we went to our ward picnic. Tyler went dirt bike riding with Jen and Greg and he crashed the dirt bike. He is pretty sore, has some burns on his leg, bruises on his arms and legs...but overall he is okay :). I went to girls night out last night and saw Fame. Now we are all exhausted trying to recover from the week.

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Corbin and Amy said... are one busy girl!