Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kenna's 1st Soccer Game

Baby Addie and Aunt Dah came to watch
Bryn showing that Kenna is #1!

Kenna scoring her first goal
Kenna stealing the ball from the white jerseys
Kenna throwing in the ball
Kenna waiting for the game to start
Daddy and Kenna
Kenna practicing with Coach Bailey
Isn't she cute?! This is the smallest jersey they make and it was swallowing her!

Makenna had her first soccer game today! She made the first goal of the game. She made 3 goals by herself and assisted on a 4th. Go Kenna! She did have a lot of tears and crying at the beginning because people were taking the ball away from her. But we got her settled down. She had a lot of fun. It was raining/sprinkling the entire game. It was fun that Kenna played the team that her friend Gwen and Blake on it. And sure enough...I was able to capture the first goal and then my camera ran out of batteries! Bummer!!!


Lisa said...

How fun! She looks so adorable in her uniform! Sounds like she's a little star.

Andy and Melissa said...

Oh my word, she looks so adorable in her uniform. How fun!