Sunday, September 06, 2009


My little bro is #24 on the far left
Steve-O before the game
Practicing running and catching before the game!
Before the game!
The 7 story tall jumbotron! The Mitsubshi letters on the bottom are 5 feet tall!
Waiting in line before the game!
The stadium
My parents at bro at the fireside
My Bro and I at the fireside

BYU beat OU 14-13!! GO COUGARS!!!!
Tyler and I were lucky enough to be able to go to the game! My little brother, Steven, is #24 for the Cougars. We were able to get tickets through him and meet my parents in Arlington for the game! The Cowboy Stadium is AMAZING! Our seats were not bad. It was so intimidating to be in the stadium with all those OU fans. Driving around the stadium before the game...all we saw were OU tents. I told my parents that if someone yells "Boomer" everyone yells "Sooner." So to prove we drove around I would yell "Boomer" out the window and people would all yell "Sooner" back. It was hilarious! Going into the stadium was intimidating. There were only about 3 setions that were blue. The rest of the entire place was in crimson and cream! It was nuts. The crowd was going crazy. We sat in the family section for BYU! I had a blast. I was jumping up and down and screaming the whole time. I lost my voice! Steven was on the field a lot for punts and he even caught the kickoff and returned it for 22 yards! How cool is that! I was so proud of my little bro! Cougars deserved this win and probably would have won if Bradford wasn't injured! Bradford didn't get hurt until there were seconds left in the first half. BYU had held the Sooners to 7-0 at that point! Both teams weren't perfect...but BYU kept focused and was able to pull it off! After the game I was able to go see Steven. He was pretty excited about the game. The Sooner fans were pretty awesome though. We didn't hear anything bad after the game and they all said good game and were pretty nice! Very classy! Before the parents and I went over to the hotel where the players were staying to see him. It was so cool to see little kids run up to him and ask him for his autograph because he was a BYU football player! I am so happy I was able to go to the game. The atomsphere was so much fun it was a great 1st time college football game experience. Thanks to my parents for a great weekend and to Jan for watching the girls!!!!


Richey's said...

So jealous that you got to go. Lucky! Go BYU

Corbin and Amy said...

You got some great pictures! It was an amazing game.k

Joneel said...

We had a fun time watching the game, and it was fun when your brother made that kick return!! GO Cougars!

brittnie said...

That is so cool you guys got to go! What a great game! Pretty good way for BYU to start their season!