Saturday, March 08, 2008

Incredible Pizza

Makenna loves riding on horses!
Climbing through the milkshake!
Brooks and Yaden on the choo choo!
Kenna loves choo choo trains!
Yummy...Ice cream!
Chowin' down!
Brooks enjoyed his cheese pizza!
Diego and Dora were on a huge t.v.! The kids were in heaven!
Watching Diego!

Kenna and I went to Incredible Pizza with my friend Laurie and her grandkids, Yaden and Brooks! Incredible Pizza is kind of like Chuckie Cheese! Makenna had a fun time playing with Brooks and Yaden. She also chowed down on 2 whole pieces of pizza and the toppings of 2 other pieces of pizza! She ate a handful of noodles, drank half of a watermelon slushie and half a cup of ice cream! haha....what a cow! We had a blast! Thanks Laurie!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Too Fun! I can't believe how big my nephews are getting!