Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Moly!

Holy Moly!! My kid is crazy!! So lately she has been into just about everything. She loves to color. Last night I let her help me color on some Easter cards. Tonight we put her in her highchair and gave her some markers and paper. Being 2 years old...I kind of expected that she would try to color herself...which she did. She kept most of the coloring to the paper and every once in awhile I would catch her coloring her hand. I will tell her NO and she would go right back to the paper. Well... I didn't check on her for about 5 minutes and when I went back I found markers that had no tips!!! :)  My kid had chewed off the tips of the markers! Her mouth was blue, green and pink! I couldn't believe it! Thank goodness for non-toxic markers. -- I will put some pictures up later!
Also today Tyler came up to the office and had his teeth cleaned! Afterwards we stuck Makenna in the chair. Kenna let Keri polish her teeth and look around for a bit. She even liked Mr. Slurpee (the suction). It was so cool. I can't wait to take her back for her first "real" dental visit!!

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