Sunday, March 23, 2008


Haha...Like father like daughter!

Kenna loves riding daddy's cycle! "motorcycle"

Kenna in her pretty Easter dress from Grammy Larsen!

Our fun family photo. Every time we tried to get a good shot with Kenna she would do something goofy!

Kenna's Easter Load!! Thanks Grammy Caferine, Grammy Larsen and Great Grandma Gloria!
Kenna with her ducky sippy cup!
Word Yo! haha. Kenna in her Mater Chair with her Lighting McQueen car in one hand, a barbie in the other and her ducky cup on the floor!
Hello...I'm Dr. Makenna Larsen...Can I check your blood pressure and listen to your heart?? haha!

So....It was a success. This was our first Easter that we were mostly alone. We got up this morning and did the Easter gifts and an Easter egg hunt in the living room. Makenna would find an egg, shake it, and if she couldn't hear anything she would throw it down and say empty and continue looking for the eggs with candy inside! After all that excitement we got Kenna all dressed up in her dress and ready for church! She loves to go to church to play with her friends in nursery. After we got her all dressed she was so happy and said, "I go to church. I play with my friends. I like nursery!" It's so cute. was our first holiday dinner by ourselves and I did all the cooking. I know...I am still in shock too! haha. I made a turkey, well not a whole one, it was just the turkey breast with ribs! But I cooked it and it was moist and very good. I also made my Grandma's apple jello, my Mom's spinach, Jan's potatoes, and for dessert.....cheesecake from Wal-mart with fresh strawberries! Oh what a day. I am so proud of myself for making an edible turkey on my first try! I think Tyler was a little surprised too! I think he was ready to go do take-out if things didn't go right! haha! I do have to say...this was a great Easter!!!


The Cherry Family said...

i just bought savannah those same ladybug pajamas. they are so cute!! your family photos look cute. right now we can't even get savannah to hold still for a decent picture.

Laurie said...

CUTE! I love that you got a family photo. We never have anyone around to get us all together.

Anonymous said...

McKenna is such a ham! She is so cute! Oh, and by the way, I love your Easter dress. Too cute!