Saturday, March 29, 2008

Doggie Movie

For Easter my grandma bought Makenna 101 Dalmatians!! On Thursday I had some chores to do around the house so I put on the movie thinking it might distract her for a bit. wasn't for just a bit! She sat down in her Mater chair and without a peep watched the entire movie. When it was over she started screaming at me, "I want my Doggie movie!" So I had to put it on again. When I had to turn it off because it was bed she yelled and screamed at me. Then yesterday she watched it probably 3 times in a row. And guess what....the first thing she did when she woke up this morning was ask for her doggie movie! Tyler and I, for the first time, were happy to put Spongebob back on :). Although she was watching Bob....she was still asking for her doggie movie! haha...thanks grandma ;)

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