Monday, October 22, 2007

My Girl!!

Makenna in her new fall dress with her new bow! Doesn't she look so cute?!
Makenna got her new rain boots on, put her back-pack on and said, "buh bye." She was ready to leave! haha. She is 2 going 16! haha.
She is so silly. She was saying, "juice" when I took this picture. haha. What a crack up!


Lisa said...

What a sweet, cute girl. That dress reminds me of something we would have worn as kids. By the way, you should post how you made those hair bows. I know I don't need them now, but maybe someday I'll have a little girl. Those are really cute!

The Orgill Family said...

Isn't is sooooooooooo fun to dress little girls?!