Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This was Makenna's outfit for the daytime!
These are out neighbors! Starting on the left, Mia, Meredith, Maddy and Makenna! All M's. They don't have any brothers so their dad had them all dress up as boys. It was cute. Mia was just a little boy, Meredith was a hunter and Maddy was a baseball player. We like to hang out with their family!
Baby "RyRy" This is Krystal and Ryan's 3 month old baby boy...Ryan!
Makenna and Gwen!
We had a good Halloween. This morning Makenna and I went to playgroup. Tyler...of course...had school. Then tonight our neighbors stopped by to trick-or-treat! Then we went to downtown Edmond, where they had a festival. We met our friends Krystal and Ryan and their kids Gwen and Ryan. Makenna and Gwen had a fun time going to the stores getting candy! There was also a big blow up slide and Ryan and Tyler took the girls down that. They thought that was pretty cool. Then the Jolley family came back to our place for some chili and to hang out! The girls both got a sucker out of their candy bag. Then they both wanted ice. Haha. It was a good night!


Andy and Melissa said...

I love her costume! So cute.

Elizabeth said...

Her little, orange halloween outfit is adorable...especially the bow:)