Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Soo...I thought I had awhile before my child would start trying to tell me what to do! NO...I don't! haha. She has already started to tell me what to do and what she is going to do. Yesterday she was talking on the phone to my mom and I told her it was my turn to talk to grandma. She looked right at me and said, "No mommy. My turn!" I was like ...What??? She also likes to tell me to "Go away." Last night we were playing with her in her room before we put her down to bed. Somehow she spotted her bathing suit and had to put it on and kept saying pool! We told her that we couldn't go to the pool because it was bed time and she was mad! She wouldn't let us take off her swimsuit so I tried putting her p.j's on over it. I managed to get her pants on, but she wouldn't let me put her p.j. top on. So my kid slept in her swimsuit! What a crazy little squirt!

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