Friday, December 11, 2009

Kenna's Christmas Program

Walking in

Bryn was cheesin' it! She was dancing to all of the music. It was really cute.

Makenna and her class
Bryn and Kenna. Bryn would not look at the camera. This is the closest I got to her looking at the camera.
The girls and I

Kenna had her school Christmas program last night. It was short and sweet. Each class sang 2 songs. Kenna sang pretty well. For the finale, they sang her favorite song from school. But they had dancing angels on stage while they sang. I was excited to hear Kenna sing really loud because she liked the song so much. But she turned around and looked at the angels most of the time. What a booger! haha. At least she looked cute!


Whitney said...

How cute! I LOVE your dress!

The Cherry Family said...

yeah, look at you looking all sexy in that dress. hot momma! I love Kenna's dress too. And Bryn looks so much like Tyler in these pictures. Cute!