Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is what happens after a fun day at D-Land....passing out on the couch!
Kenna with Mickey
2 of the Larsen girls. Bryn was getting sleepy
Out in front of D-Land
Cinderella's castle all lit up
Bryn on the jungle cruise
Kenna got scared on the jungle cruise so she plugged her ears :)
Oh dear mom!
Princess Tiana...we were too late to get a picture with her so we took a picture of her.
The girls with Mickey
finishing up on the toon coaster
Kenna and my mom on the toon coaster
The girls with Jasmine
The girls with Ariel
The girls with Belle
Bryn walking with grandma
Christy and Kenna got flowers painted on their face
Waiting to get our face painted
Bryn pretty much looked like this all day. Smiling and eating!
The girls and I on Heimlich the choo choo
On the ladybug teacups
Bryn and my mom waiting while the girls were on a ride
Christy and Kenna on the bumper bugs
Kenna and Santa
Kenna and I on the jelly fish ride
Bryn, Christy and Kenna on the ferris wheel
Christy and Bryn on the ferris wheel
Meeting up with Goofy
Bryn was ready
Getting ready to go in

On Friday, Dec. 18, we went to Disneyland. I love Disneyland. I love it, I love it, I love it. I have never been at Christmas time and was excited to see it all decorated. My mom, sister, the girls and I all went. My sister had a test at school so we had to wait till after 2nd period to pick her up. We got to D-Land about 10am. Disneyland opened around 8am so we thought it would be busy. CA Disney opened at 10am so we went there first to get on all the rides without a wait. My sister's friend's mom works at D-Land and got us 2 tickets to get in. My mom had some really old tickets...probably about 45 years old. It was like $5.75 to get into the park and there were individual tickets to get into each ride. We tried to use them. The ticket office spent about 10 minutes on the phone with a manager. They then told us that we could go to the gate and we would be let in. How crazy is that?! The ticket guy was astonished that we had tickets that were that old. On our way to the gate a worker heard us say we had old tickets. He came over and told us he could switch our tickets out for park-hopper passes. He signed us in because he wanted our old tickets.
We went to CA Disney and walked right onto Hollywood Tower of Terror. It was a lot of fun. Then we on the roller coaster, ferris wheel, Bugs Life rides, Merry-go-Round, and a whole lot of other rides with hardly any wait. It was so nice. So around 3pm we went over to Disneyland. We waited about 1.5 hours in line to see the princesses and take pictures. Kenna was so excited. My sister and Kenna got their face painted. We went over to see Tiana, the new princess, but her line was already closed. We spent some time in Toon Town. D-Land was soooo packed. It was ridiculous. We went on the jungle cruise and went into the Tiki room and that was about it, besides Toon Town rides. We left the park around 8pm. The girls behaved so well. We didn't loose Makenna this time :). I loved it. Thanks mom for taking us!!!


Corey and Ciara said...

I'm jealous. Cute pictures of your kids!!

The Silfies Family said...

Looks like you all has soooo much fun! Glad the girls loved Mickey!

Brittnie said...

Makenna looks so old in the picture with Mickey! She's getting so big!