Sunday, December 13, 2009


Bryn walks around everything we have in the house. She pulls herself up on everything and even climbs over a few things. But when it comes to walking...she won't do it. I am ready for her to learn how to walk. It's hard because Kenna was walking at 12 months, so you think Bryn should too. I do know that every child is different. The dr. told us not to worry as well because walking is a 12-15 month process. She did make an improvement today though. While we were at church today standing in the hall she pulled herself up and stood against the wall. She then let go and balanced herself for about 30 seconds and then held back on the wall and then did it again. That is a big move for her because she would never let go and if by chance she did it would only be for about a 1/2 a second. I started clapping for her and said good job Bryn and she started clapping too! Good job Bryn!


Robyn said...

HOW EXCITING!! I can't wait to see her little baby waddle. It is the cutest thing ever! LOVE YOU BRYN!

Catherine T said...

So, Amelia didn't walk until 17 months. You can imagine my impatience with that! Yay for Bryn! Maybe by Christmas she will be taking off!