Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Past Week

Bryn had her 5 week post op appt. on Thursday. The dr. said her hand looked great. He told us that she would not need a splint and that we were to treat her hand like any other hand. He wants us to encourage her to move it. We have been working with her on that. She extends her thumb, but isn't quite bending it yet. It is still swollen (can be for months) and the flexor muscles need to tighten a little more. She will hold things in the web space, but she is mostly holding the object with her other fingers with light pressure from her thumb. Therapy was interesting. Not because of the actual therapy, but because of the miscommunication between the therapist and the hand dr. It was very annoying, but I hope it has been worked out. The therapist showed me the exercises to do so I can work with Bryn at home!
Makenna has been wanting to read and color all the time. I love reading with her. She has also wanted to be very cuddly and watch movies together. She has been a pretty good girl lately! I hope that the "4s" are going to be a good year!
Since my PC broke...I have not been able to upload pictures the way I want. I have to be able to hook the PC to the tv to see what I am doing. (long story). So I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile. This week will also be really busy. Hopefully tomorrow night I can post some recent pictures.
Makenna has her first primary program tomorrow. Bryn has her 1 year pictures on Tuesday and therapy. Wednesday is Bryn's birthday and she has her 1 year well child appt. Then Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday- family pictures, Saturday-friend's birthday! Wow...I am getting tired just thinking of it.

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