Tuesday, November 03, 2009

3 Weeks Post-Op

Bryn saw the dr. again today. He unwrapped her and looked at her hand. It looked a lot better than it did last week. The dr. said things looked great. He cleaned it up a little. He was going to leave it unwrapped until he saw how Bryn reacted to her thumb. haha. Right after the assistant unwrapped her hand she started trying to suck on her thumb and eat the stitches. He didn't want her to get it wet or bite it so he re-wrapped it until week. We still have to keep a sock on it so she doesn't eat the gauze. She is a crazy girl. She is getting better and better with how she reacts to the people in the "white coats." As long as she had her bunny and her binky, she did okay! Good job Bryn.

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Lisa said...

Wow, she is just as strong as you are! I hope I get to meet her soon!