Friday, November 27, 2009

Bryn's 1 year Birthday

Bryn looking at her cake
Bryn thought it was yummy cake and ice cream
Figuring out this frosting stuff
Singing Happy Birthday
The cake
Kenna and all the other kids wanted to open Bryn's gifts!
Opening presents
Opening gifts
The gifts
Grammy Larsen and Bryn
Cousins - Bryn and Addie
How cute is she?!
Bryn in her party dress
Drinking from her sippy cup. Also in her day birthday outfit!
Bryn's Birthday started off with a trip to the dr. for her 1 year well-child check. She weighs 18 lbs. 7 oz. (11%) and is 28 1/4 inches long (25%). She is little for her age, but not bad. I knew she was getting shots during this appt. What I didn't know is they were different shots than normal. She got her chicken pox and MMR vaccine! She also got another one, but I don't remember which one it was. But instead of getting them all in her leg she got one in one arm, one in her other arm and one in her leg. She hated being checked out by Dr. Simmons. It is the white coats the dr's wear! She hates them. The dr. told us that she could get a fever from these shots. Well we live about 3 minutes from the dr.'s office. Bryn fell asleep  in the car before we could get home! She was kind of cranky, but we expected that. She usually does super good with her shots though. Well...Kenna and I went shopping while she stayed home with Tyler. We came home in time to pick them up and go to Jan's house for Bryn's Party. When we got to the house she wasn't very happy. She was very tired and not really wanting to play. She also started running a major fever.
Her party turned out great. Jan did a great job of decorating. Thanks Jan! We ate pizza and had cake. Bryn was blessed with great gifts! After the party we came home and put her to bed. She woke up screaming, but I went in and gave her pacifier and she went back to bed. Thanksgiving day she didn't really have any problems. She was cranky, but that was about it. But last night around 11pm she woke up screaming and could not breathe. She was gasping for air and gargling. We called the nurse and told her what was going on and she heard Bryn in the background and told us to go straight to the ER! Makenna was sleeping so I stayed home with her and Tyler took Bryn to the ER. She was given a breathing treatment was told she has croup! No fun at all. She was given an oral steroid to take for 5 days. She is so snotty right now and is having trouble breathing. We have a humidifier in her room, have put her in the bathroom with the shower running with hot water for steam! Poor baby girl. I feel so bad for her. That was our first trip to the ER with one of our kids! Just kind of funny that exactly a year ago...she was in the hospital for the same thing (respiratory distress in the NICU). She just loves to give her parents a scare!!


Andy and Melissa said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! The pictures are adorable. My kids both just got over croup. Stella got it first... woke up from a nap and couldn't breathe. We called my grandma... a pediatrician, and she listened to her breathe and said to take her to the er. Stella kept saying she couldnt breathe. Scary. Of course when we got to the er they took her right back because she was gasping for air. They gave her a breathing treatment, and steriods too, and then sent us home with a nebulizer. Then of course... a day and a half later, sterling couldnt breathe. Luckily the dr. could get him in right away so we didnt have to go to the er, he got steroids... and now its all over. Phew. Croup is pretty scary though. They sound so horrible gasping for air. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon!

Andy and Melissa said...

Oh yeah... cold air helps too - so if you bundle her up and take her outside at night that could help. We bundled stella up super warm and had her sleep next to a cracked windo...(doesn't get tooo cold here at night) and that really helped her sleep and breathe well at night.