Sunday, June 03, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 My lake girl. She sure loves going to the lake.
 Bryn and Nicole
 The girls had fun swimming together

 Makenna, Bryn and Cash on the tube
 On Saturday May 26, 2012...Makenna lost her first tooth. She was supposed to be taking a nap. I had wiggled her tooth that morning and it was loose, but still had a long time before it would come out. Jenn, Nicole and I went out to the deck to lay out and a little while later Kenna came out with Ryder. They said Kenna had lost her tooth. Kenna was grinning and there was blood pouring out of her mouth. I couldn't believe her tooth came out. She said she pulled it out. Then I asked where it was and she said that she dropped it and couldn't find it. We all went in and searched the room. I had finally found it on the floor. The root was pretty much still there. I still was in disbelief that she had lost her tooth. A couple hours later when we were on the boat, it finally came out that she had a blanket in her mouth and Ryder pulled the blanket and her tooth fell out. Hopefully her big tooth grows in ok.

 Bryn was a cuddle bug with Nicole
 Makenna loved playing on Nicole's phone
 All the kids
 Kenna had fun standing on the tube

 She even did a hand stand
 jumping in
 jumping in
 Tyler and I
Jenn and I

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to the lake with the Jeffries and Tyler's cousin Nicole. Saturday we went out on the boat in the morning and let the kids swim. We also went out again that night. Sunday we fed the fish and played outside. Monday we went on the boat for a bit and then came home to clean up and head back to the city. The kids tubed, jumped off the boat and swam. We had a good time. I sure love going to the lake!

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