Friday, May 25, 2012


Today I am grateful for 2 awesome children. I find it kind of funny that after the day they had that I am still so in love with them. :) It is the first day of summer and the girls were up at 5:45am. (I am SO NOT a morning person). Tyler told them to go back to sleep, but the Bryn started kicking the wall. I was exhausted. Then all morning all they did was fight. Bryn wouldn't listen to me at all and just did whatever she wanted to do. Makenna seriously talked non-stop all day. Needless to say, they were getting on my nerves. I put them to bed and relaxed for a bit. As I sat here reflecting on some past events in our family, I couldn't help realize how blessed I am to have my little girls. My kids are the most frustrating, amazing, hard, enjoyable thing that has ever happened in my life. Bryn's little life has not been an easy one, but it has been so rewarding. To watch her use her hands and be so determined in all she does, makes me smile. She has spunk like no other child. Yet, she can be the sweetest thing. She is concerned for others and loves to cuddle with me. Makenna is so smart and amazes me daily with her reading. I'm so proud of her willingness to learn. She cried on the last day of school because she didn't want it to end. When I asked her why she said, "I am going to miss homework and having fun in class." There are days I call my mom and ask if she wants a 3 or 6 year old and that I'll ship them for free. Of course she always says yes! But, truth is, I couldn't do it. I love to see my girls do well in all they do. I am so excited to watch them grow into strong, independent, beautiful young women. I am not quite sure why it has hit me so hard tonight, but I just felt the need to express how much I love my little girls.

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mommaj said...

I wanted to leave this comment in a little less public place than FB. I loved the post you made with the pictures of Bryns little hands . . . You called them her "perfect" hands. Yes they are! When Brittnie's little Evan was diagnosed with Meningitis it was a bleak, terrible day. As I sat in the hospital's waiting room I noticed a sign that was placed over one of the doors. It said, "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful." We were so fortunate to find that wonderfulness. You are a huge inspiration to me--thank you for reminding me just how fabulous and perfect life is!