Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Potty Trained / Big Girl Bed

On May 1st, Bryn, me and my best friend went shopping out at Target. My best friend was looking for underwear for her little boy. She wasn't going to start training him, but wanted to put the idea in his head. While we were there Bryn wanted to buy some undies. So we bought some Dora undies and then went home. She laid down for her nap and woke up and told me she didn't want to wear a diaper anymore and she wanted to wear 'panties.' I was hesitant because she never went potty consistently on the toilet. Well she wanted to wear them so bad I wasn't going to turn her down. She had a couple accidents over the next few days, but nothing major. It's now been over about 2 weeks and she is doing great. The only accident in the past week was last night in the middle of the night. She has been doing great. She loves her big girl panties. Her favorite are her minnie mouse ones. Potty training has been so Super easy for both my girls and I am so appreciative of that. They are so awesome.

A couple days after Bryn started wearing undies, I changed her crib into a big girl bed. She now has a little twin bed. She loves it! She has been 'trained' as well as her sister to stay in her bed until I get her. She wakes up saying, 'Mommy, I awake!' 'Mommy, wake up!' It is hilarious. I'm really sad to not have a little baby anymore, but Bryn is growing up to be an amazing little girl!

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