Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tied Her Shoes

My parents and sister came to visit September 29-October 3rd. They left on a Monday afternoon. Makenna really wanted to wear her new tennis shoes that tie up on Tuesday. I laid them out on her floor with the laces untied so they would be easy for her to slip on and then I could tie them. When I went in Tuesday morning to get her, she was dressed and said, "mom...You don't have to tie my shoes. I did it." I looked down and much to my surprise...she did! I asked how she learned how to do it and she said her Papa Barry taught her how to do it. She did a really good job! Thanks dad for teaching Kenna how to tie her shoes!


Tori Orgill said...
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Tori Orgill said...

isn't that such a bitter sweet moment. it's like they all of a sudden become big! way to go Makenna!