Saturday, October 08, 2011

Eye Surgery

 Before surgery
 Before surgery
 Daddy and Bryn in Pre-op
 Her socks
 so cute
 Me and my buddy
 I love the back of her gown
 Minnie got to go to surgery with her
 Grammy and Bryn
Me and Bryn after surgery

Bryn had lazy eye surgery on September 29. We went in at 7:45am for her surgery at 8:45am. It was outpatient surgery. She looked so cute in her gown. She had no idea she was having surgery. She was up and happy and playing in the waiting room. She did great when the nurse took her back. The surgery took  an hour and 10 minutes. She did amazing coming out of surgery, but with that said, this was her hardest surgery. She cried a little bit and was irritated. She wanted me to hold her and I loved being able to comfort her. Her eyes were really puffy and for the most part she wanted to sleep. She came home and just laid around with us. That night she was up jumping around and being her normal crazy self. She is so amazing!!!

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Brittnie said...

We're so glad everything went well. You're such a great mom and doing such a great job!