Monday, January 10, 2011

Kenna's 5th Birthday

She got a piggy bank
Opening gifts
Her new Strawberry Styles set
Papa and Bryn
Kenna with her cake that Grammy made
The cake from Grammy Larsen
Tyler and I gave her a Rapunzel dress
Jenn and Ryder gave her a Fashionista Barbie
Opening gifts
Opening gifts from her Grandma Catherine and Papa Barry while talking to them on Ichat
I asked Kenna if she wanted me to buy her a cake or if she wanted to make one with me. She wanted to make one with me. She picked a cherry chip cake with Cherry frosting. She also wanted flower sprinkles.
Bryn had to be with her sister
Makenna with Belle
Bryn with her Happy Meal
Makenna and her chicken!
Me and my girl
Kenna and Tyler

Makenna turned 5 on Dec. 31st. For lunch she wanted to go to McDonalds and get a happy meal. She didn't want to take off her Belle dress. So, seeing how it was her birthday, I let her do what she wanted to and she wore it out to lunch. For dinner, we got pizza and her best friend Ryder and his fam come over to eat with us and have cake and ice cream. We skyped with my parents so they could watch her blow out her candles and open the presents they gave her.
A few days later, after we were all back in town, we had a family party over at Tyler's parents house. Jan made her a cake and decorated for her. She also made her the dinner she requested, spaghetti. We ate dinner, had cake and ice cream and Makenna was given even more gifts. This child got SPOILED for Christmas and her birthday from everyone! Overall...I say she had a pretty fantastic birthday!!!

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