Thursday, August 06, 2009

They are growing Up!

A few cool things have happened this week. Kenna has been in swimming lessons for the past few weeks. On Monday we were swimming with some friends.  Up until this point she was only working on floats and could swim with floaties. She had never swam without floaties. Well Kenna ventured off the step in the pool with no floaties. My friend Jen was ready to get in the pool to save Kenna and then she started swimming back to the step. So I got in with Kenna and let her practice with no floaties. She does really well for a beginner. She doesn't like to swim above the water. She is like a mermaid swimming under the water. Her swim teacher was pretty proud of her today. Makenna also got signed up for soccer last week. She won't be starting until Sept., but we went out today and got her jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and ball. She is so excited. We have to keep looking for shoes because they didn't have any small enough for her. She also starts gymnastics next week!

For Bryn....she ate her first "cheerio" type food today. She ate some fruit puffs today and did so well. It was so cool to watch her pick them up with her hands and put them in her mouth. She is working really hard on holding bottle by herself. She is such a fast crawler now too! You put her on the floor and she is gone. She takes after her uncle Brandon and has a BIG shoe fetish. She loves to eat shoes. Doesn't matter whose they are....she just wants them. She has been sleeping all night long. She is talking like crazy and is overall a pretty happy baby!

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