Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Funniest Story I Have Heard In a Long Time

Yesterday, Tyler's grandma was robbed. The guy kicked in her carport door and came into the house. She was in the bathroom and he told her to stay in there.  She came out tried to make a call and he broke the phone. He had told her that she had a gun. She asked to see it. He pointed it to her head. Then she asked to see the bullets. He took them out of the gun and showed her. Then he took the cash out of her purse, went and grabbed and ice cream from the freezer and grabbed her purse and started leaving.  As he was leaving with her purse she said, you already took my cash please leave my purse. My drivers license is in there and they will catch you with it so you better leave...and guess what!! He left her purse! Apparently he was totally stoned. But can you imagine...Tyler's little old grandma thinking so quick on her feet!! I would have stayed in the bathroom crying hoping he would leave. We are so glad she is okay! She is so stinking hilarious!!!


Stephanie said...

OH.MY.GOSH.!!!! Go Grandma! I would have been FREAKING out!!! I'm glad that she is okay! Where does she live? Did they catch the guy?

Schrupp Family said...

Thats a great story. I would have been scared, but she totally worked the situation with her brain and her wits. Im glad she is alright. It reminds me of a cartoon where the little old lady outwits the bad guy.

The Orgill Family said...

That is awesome!! I love grandma!! I wanna be as quick as her!! I'm thankful that she is okay!